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See It First

Each month you will

See It First

Just as its name suggests, the See It First campaign gives you the first look at a new product or service. Each month, a different spotlight. It’s our way of showing you how we continue to strengthen our education portfolio to meet your growing needs.


Finally, there’s a full-service solution to the often-uncomfortable matter of feminine product waste. Introducing Scensibles® Hygienic Disposal System For Feminine Care Products – an innovative and discreet approach to maintaining clean public restroom standards. With Scensibles, you can reduce or eliminate unpleasant odors while keeping offensive waste out of sight, minimize exposure to possible blood-borne pathogens and harmful germs while ensuring safe and hygienic handling for custodial staff, and provide an easy alternative to flushing feminine products down the toilet – saving on costly plumbing repairs.

Personal Disposal Bags
Single-use bags for sanitary items feature an easy 4" handle-tie closure to completely conceal contents, and built-in antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Compact Personal Disposal Bag Dispensers
Perfect for existing systems, these dispensers offer simple installation, durable imprinted instructions, and quick refilling.

Combination Dispenser Receptacles
Provide easy dispensing of disposal bags and the convenience of disposal in the same unit.

SecureFit 360 Bag
Designed with a unique, 6-inch strap that wraps around the bottom of the receptacle to contain waste for safe removal; strap is used as a handle to eliminate the need to reach into receptacle for liner removal.


Whether you’re moving materials around your facility or helping students get settled into their residence hall, the UpCart makes it easy. It’s engineered to smoothly and smartly move items up and down stairs and over irregular terrain. Both the hand cart and hand truck models are lightweight, easy to maneuver and, depending on the model, readily haul up to 200 lbs. over uneven surfaces. The UpCart comes fully assembled, and, when the job is done, simply fold it completely flat in seconds for convenient storage.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, see what the UpCart is all about!

  • Hauls up to 200 lbs. up and down stairs and over uneven surfaces
  • Offers an all-terrain stair climbing chassis, 50-inch adjustable handle, easy-to-hold grip, and custom dual-coated rubber tires
  • Patented technology allows the UpCart Lift to fold completely flat in seconds for convenient storage
  • Holds up to 125 lbs, but only weighs 10.6 lbs.
  • The Hand Cart decreases pressure applied on supporting surfaces, improves stability, and is capable of “walking” over curbs, stairs, and irregular terrain
  • Folds completely flat for the simplest transportation and storage
  • Free 36-inch bungee cord to help secure items to the cart is included with purchase


Looking for a new way to clean? Consider the Hygeia Sanitizing Spray Bottle, a water-based alternative to traditional cleaners and sanitizers. Simply fill the reservoir with cold tap water and spray. The water is turned into on-demand aqueous ozone – creating the sanitizer that kills many common pathogens found on hard, non-porous surfaces and destroys organic odors.

Sanitizes Hard Non-Porous Surfaces
It safely kills 99.9% or more of many common pathogens, including E. coli, salmonella, Community MRSA, C-diff and Pseudomonas without harmful chemicals.

Reduces Common Odors
Destroys common bacteria that causes odors.

On-Demand and Highly Portable
The on-demand process means there are no worries about loss in sanitizer power during use. Sanitize all your surfaces, including tables, counters, kitchen and bath surfaces, doors, drink dispensers and more, helping to protect the health of students and staff and eliminate harmful residues and fumes.

Safer and Enviornmentally-Responsible
This is a Green Seal Certified alternative to traditional products.

Easy to Use
The user-friendly lighted indicators, built-in sensors, and LEDs, notify user of battery charge, water level, and activated oxygen cell status.

Explore more
Contact your sales representative today for additional information.


Reduce the time your staff spends changing out shower curtains during winter and summer turnover. Hookless shower curtains feature an all-in-one design and install in just 45 seconds – compare that to 10 minutes for a traditional curtain with hooks.

No liner needed, saves you time and money – Featuring a 100% polyester plain weave fabric that has been upgraded with a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating on the back, this new shower curtain eliminates the need for an additional liner. It offers the soft look of fabric with the added benefit of waterproof protection. Water runs off the TPU coating faster than on fabric alone, helping to prevent mildew and promoting a quicker dry time.

Fast replacement – With hooks built right into the curtain, your staff can just pop the rings right over the rod.

Eliminates hooks – No need to keep another item in your inventory.

Ideal for residence halls, campus apartments and athletic facilities – Curtain is available in six different sizes to fit your unique needs.

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Contact your sales representative today for additional information.

BeanTown Bedding®

Convenient, comfortable, and compostable, meet the new linens that completely eliminate the need for laundry service and are the perfect fit for summer camps, conferences, and even emergency management programs. . Featured in USA Today, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, and on The View, The Today Show and CNBC, this laundry-free collection is the real deal!

Experience the benefits

  • Completely compostable, they eliminate the need for laundry service

  • No need to launder before using – simply unwrap the sheet set and put them into use

  • Use them for up to two weeks, then simply discard or compost them

  • Made of comfortable premium TENCEL® fiber for great feel and moisture management

Explore the comfort, experience environmental benefits

Contact your sales representative today for a FREE sample.


We’re helping schools protect the environment with somnum EnviroSpring 100% recyclable mattresses.

Zero Landfill – somnum provides new EnviroSpring Mattresses and picks up old EnviroSpring Mattresses to be recycled and turned into new EnviroSpring Mattresses.

Comfort – Features a dual-density core, providing both a softer side and firmer side to accommodate varying students’ sleep preferences.

Durable – Water-resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant, and hypo-allergenic.

Keep your students comfortable and keep mattresses out of our nation’s landfills!

Explore the environmental benefits
Contact your sales representative today to learn more – and get a free mattress cutaway sample!

Palmer Hamilton

Campus life today demands furnishings and equipment that offer maximum flexibility and functionality, and American Education Supply partners with only the best suppliers, like Palmer Hamilton, to deliver on your campus needs. Palmer Hamilton began manufacturing for the education market over 70 years ago and is an industry leader in innovation, selection and service. The tables presented here are some of their latest, market-leading products.

Sit, stand, learn or collaborate

Perfect for cafés, student unions, classrooms and more, Rally tables easily move to reconfigure your space or quickly connect tables as needed. The 2-seat or 4-seat tables feature attached seating which allows students to sit or stand while they work or socialize.

  • Choose your top style, frame and many other options to customize tables for your campus

  • Choose 4" heavy-duty locking casters or adjustable floor glides; heavy-gauge steel frame with choice of durable powder-coated finish (black or sparkle silver are standard)

  • The 2-seat table can be added on to a 4-seat table or can be used against a wall to optimize space

Get movable power anywhere, anytime

The reliable, rechargeable USB power sources are built right into these mobile tables to help you meet your students’ demand for charging capabilities without the cords.

  • Available in 29" café height or 42" pub height, in a variety of finish options customizable for your campus

  • Choose 2½" heavy-duty locking casters or adjustable floor glides; black

  • The 2-seat table can be added on to a 4-seat table or can be used against a wall to optimize space


Did you know restroom perception can derail someone's entire experience in your facility? Do you constantly battle with maintaining these public spaces? Check out the complete solution to restroom care, now available from American Education Supply. The innovative products of WizKid free your staff from constant cleanup chores while maintaining high standards of cleanliness. First, get to know the Splash Hog Urinal Screen.

With its hedgehog-like spines and unique design, this smart screen drastically reduces splash back on the back wall of the urinal and helps you avoid unwanted puddles that ruin your floors and create unwanted odor.

  • Its powerful fragrance keeps your restroom deodorized for up to 60 days

  • Easy application makes replacement effortless

As a further safeguard, the WizKid Antimicrobial Mat catches what misses the urinal while eliminating odor and protecting your floors. Each mat has strong antimicrobial compounds built right into the mat that will stop odors from starting or spreading.

  • Carpet-like texture and contoured shape fits around urinals and toilets; choose from several colors to suit your décor

  • With zero maintenance, all you need to do is mop around mats as needed, and don't worry if they get wet — the fiber configuration in the mats promotes rapid air drying similar to entrance mats

Custom Capabilities

At American Education Supply, we offer you easy ways to express school spirit. With our growing menu of custom services, start creating personalized settings your students, staff, and visitors will love.

  • Add your logo to bedding or pillows

  • Imprint school colors on waste receptacles, shower curtains, and more

  • Personalize entrance matting or even laundry trucks to stay organized

  • Create custom dinnerware and table linens

  • Make paper, pens, cups and even amenities your own

Explore the possibilities

Contact your sales representative today to learn more about our wide range of custom capabilities.

RevDoors by Surfacequest

Surfacequest offers a revolutionary surfacing product, or architectural overlay, that mimics natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, and leather. For your education facilities, this new design approach promotes sustainability and eliminates the wasteful and expensive “demo and replace” construction cycle commonly seen in commercial renovations with virtually no downtime. Newly introduced to the U.S. architecture and design industry, Surfacequest is the next generation for new projects as well as facility upgrades and maintenance.

Learn more about the resurfacing promise of RevDoors.

Learn more about RevAquaWalls, which allows you to refresh bathroom tile with stylish patterns.

View Surfacequest Transformations
View the gallery